Rolando Hernawati

This time, the latest story comes from a mother who lives in the Lion country, Rolando Hernawati. She is a retired nurse who debuted in the financial market world starting with the capital market. Only armed with information from her brother, she tried trading without having any skills at all and only relied on news from related companies only.
She joined the CAT Program in 2015 through batch XI and was immediately appointed as vice chairman of her batch. Although there weren’t many female students in the batch, it did not discourage her from continuing to study hard.
According to her, learning in the CAT Program is not easy due to her lack of knowledge on technology and the distance taken to go back and forth between Singapore and Jakarta in order to take CAT classes. However, these obstacles did not discourage her from continuing to achieve her dreams: to get consistent profits.
Over time, she ventured into different markets, namely the derivative market. Trading with small capitals and getting big profits is not uncommon to her, but trading with small capitals and being able to consistently get profits according to her is just extraordinary. For years her only method of analysis was by paying attention to the charts in the meta trader furthermore, applying the knowledge she received from the CAT program was not easy. Not a little money was spent on trading and she still suffered losses. "This is experience money," she thought.
With her tenacity, she succeeded in gaining a profit of up to 300% in under one month. This is a remarkable achievement for a trader who was surrounded by stories of friends battered in the market even though they have had a longer trading experience. In addition, the market conditions that have been erratic lately are difficult to predict, but with the knowledge that they have gained through CAT, they are able to recognize the character of the market and know when to enter and exit the market.

“I'm not an expert as other CAT friends, but I'm quite proud of my mental changes and skills. The most important thing is to be brave enough to try, there must be results, especially if I get a Samsung A7 cellphone prize. Hehehehe. “ she said. Slowly but surely this is what we learned from the figure of Rolando Hernawati. Thank you for the unyielding spirit.

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