This time the CAT Program was able to produce a successful trader with spectacular profits that reached 1 billion rupiahs in GOLD.

Aguslianto is a CAT candidate incorporated in batch XV in November 2016. At the age of 20, he was able to have an income that was not common at his age. Agus, the eldest son, is currently busy helping his family's business in the field of mineral water.

2 years ago he claimed to have first jumped into the world of financial markets through futures broker as he wanted to gain experience and to know what the futures market is. But over time, he became increasingly curious and wanted to explore how to be able to earn income in the financial market, especially the futures market.

Initially he traded without calculation and everything was done solely based on feeling. Eventually, he suffered a loss of up to 500 million rupiahs. This discouraged him greatly and he desperately wanted to get out of the financial market to focus on his family business instead, however, he deposited more money time and time again.

“My principle is that there is no formula on success but, in order to succeed, you must experience failure.” he said to the Astronacci team.

With his enthusiasm, Agus decided to join the CAT Program, a certification program that provides an intensive class over the course of one year for traders, in November 2016. The CAT program provides 3 levels of education: Price action at level 1, followed by TIME Action at level 2, and lastly, Mind & Money Management Trading at level 3. For Agus, if there is an opportunity that could make him smart, why not try it.

“In my opinion, those who came out of CAT were great people with great knowledge, hehe and actually learning solely from videos i’ve gained 38% of trading knowledge," he continued.

The pattern that Aguslianto often uses in making decisions is DBW and ABC Correction and focuses only on the GOLD market. Of course, you are curious why Agus dares to install large lots even at a very young age, he also shares his tips with us. Firstly, because of mentality, secondly due to the goal, thirdly because there is a clear and directed pattern.

He felt the difference after joining the CAT Program, in addition to the more mature techniques, he also gained confidence and has since gained more focus on his goals.

Thank you, Agus, for sharing your experience with us, it is very inspiring for us and motivates us to continue working #RICHISGOOD