This time Astronacci raised the story of a very inspiring father. Besides being a father, he was a trader who had quite a fantastic profit in one month, which was around Rp.600 million, he is Lim Djonghon.
Lim Djonghon (Ahon) is a businessman in the field of tapioca flour where he worked with one of his previous clients, he decided to retire early ever since March 2016 from the company where he worked. It was not easy to quit from his previous company as he held an important position, but he finally brought up the courage in his heart to retire in order to take care of his family.
Previously, he was the managing director of several commodity distribution companies since 2005. Before that he had his own Japanese restaurant business and succeeded in opening 3 branches, how extraordinary!
In 2014 he decided to explore a new world of financial markets. In the beginning, he was not interested in the Futures market as he did not understand how it worked while his only insight was based on his friends losses. According to his friends, the trading world is false.
The year 2014 according to him was a disaster, although it may have been an opportunity for him. initially many brokers contacted him asking for his time, but he still refused however, the child of one of his friends worked at a futures broker. This was when he decided to try it. As a result of the trial he suffered a loss large enough to reach more than 1 billion rupiah.
Due to the great loss he finally decided to look for educational sites, ranging from trading books to participating in education with famous figures in the financial market. Finally, in November 2016, his friend introduced him to the CAT Program.

Initially he admitted that he did not know anything about the CAT Program and only followed his friend as he believed that his friend would not push him under the bus, besides that he believed that his friend could trade with huge profits.
Today, he feels as if trading has now become his main source of income, he admitted that with his mentality of not easily getting stressed, this helped him to achieve great profits. At the end of February 2017 he recorded a profit of 600 million rupiah in one month.
"Do you want to know what I got? Really, this is the real learning place and Pak Gema doesn't seem to be stingy in knowledge and cares about his people ... salute to you, "he said at the end of the interview with the Astronacci team.
Thank you, Mr. Ahon, a great role model and father, inspiring traders that trading is strictly forbidden to stress.